DETROIT, MI (August 8, 2017) – Detroit Bikes, one of the last remaining full-scale bicycle factories in the U.S., will introduce a new line of bikes at this year’s Interbike that not only improves retailers’ margins, but also arrives in ready-to-ride condition. Retail prices range from $550 to $600.

The new Assembly line of bikes will mirror Detroit’s current line, featuring wheels built in their factory in Detroit, Michigan, with assembly also being done there. The major difference with this line, aside from the more affordable prices and increased dealer margin, is that the frames, normally welded and painted in Detroit’s own factory, will be made to their specifications in Asia. Bikes will ship for free, and dealers need only turn the bars and tighten. The new line will also feature a totally new model, called Axel, which blends urban, mountain, and bmx styles.

“The new line leverages our U.S.-based facility, adding value for our retailers by reducing their labor costs, while reducing packaging waste,” said Zak Pashak, founder of Detroit Bikes. “We will ship five-packs of bikes to our retailers. They conveniently come off the truck and can go straight to the sales floor.”

Detroit Bikes’ 2018 Premium line, launched last fall, will continue to be available, and includes derailleur versions of their original A-Type and B-Type, as well as the fitness-oriented Cortello, and single-speed CX style C-Type.

“The Premium bikes all have frames made completely under our roof with American-made chromoly tubing, a higher level of components, including chromoly forks, nicer detail work, and our own powder coat finish,” said Pashak.

Mr. Pashak and his Detroit Bikes factory were recently profiled in Forbes and The New Yorker magazines, and were featured on Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” in July of this year. The factory also manufactures contract bikes for New Belgium Brewery and New York’s Citi Bikes bike share.

For ordering and more information, retailers can contact Detroit Bikes, 13639 Elmira St., Detroit, MI 48227, Email:, phone: 313.646.4109, website: