While choosing a bike may seem like a simple task, there is a lot to consider before you hit the ground pedaling. If you’re more of the “casual rider,” a bike that cruises with comfort and ease may be just what you’re looking for. From seat size and posture of the bike, to storage and assembly, these are the best bikes for every commuter’s definition of “casual riding.”

A-Type & B-Type from Detroit Bikes

If you’re looking for the best, casual all-purpose bike, you can’t go wrong with the A-Type or B-Type bikes from Detroit Bikes. These commuter models come with easy home assembly that includes attaching the quick-release front wheel, installing the pedals and adjusting the seat for maximum comfort. Keep your handlebars free and your back bag-less with a rack on the back. Each metal frame allows you to carry a range of items like homework, business briefs, or groceries. An ideal situation for the avid casual rider.

Sparrow from Detroit Bikes

What’s more casual than a commuter bike designed to keep things simple? The Sparrow is a stripped down city bike that’s fast, light as a feather and easy on your wallet. In fact, it’s the lightest single speed bike in its class at only 22 pounds. If you’re unfamiliar with the single speed model, it is one of the most common bikes for its simplicity, low maintenance and affordability. With Thickslick tires and no gears to worry about, you’re sure to enjoy a smooth, effortless ride from point A to point B. 

Men's 26" Cruiser Bike from Firmstrong

If you are on the taller side of the spectrum, it can be daunting to find a bike that fits your needs. At a frame of 17” high and an extra 4” of length, the Firmstrong CA-520 is the perfect model that won’t cramp your space or style. The CA-520 boasts a unique design where the pedals are moved forward 4” allowing the rider to have their feet in front as opposed to below, creating additional space for their legs to pedal with ease. Not to mention it’s seven speeds give riders the perfect amount of variance and control for those casual strolls around the neighborhood and beyond. With a classic padded dual spring saddle, you will find yourself riding long and comfortably no matter your height. 

M6L Folding Bike from Brompton

Bring your bike along for the ride with the folding bike from Brompton. A compact shape paired with the speed and stability of a full-size bike make this comfortable model ideal for weekend escapes and urban rides. With lightweight and fast tires, neutral riding position and 6-speed gearing range, you’ll be able to turn your casual ride into a versatile one. An ideal option for those looking to maximize their city commute on two wheels. 

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