Best Bikes For City Dwellers

September 11, 2018

Best Bikes For City Dwellers

City Cycling

Detroit Bikes launched in 2011 with the mission to make bikes that would help make cycling (especially commuter cycling) appealing to new riders. We are proud to say that we make some of the best city bikes out there. Our U.S. made bikes are manufactured right in Detroit out of high-quality chromoly steel that is sourced within the United States. We’ve designed our bikes to be low-maintenance and provide a smooth ride. Check out our U.S. made bikes to see which one fits your needs the best.

U.S. Made A-Type

The base level U.S. Made A-Type bike comes with a Shinamo Nexus 3-speed internal gear hub, but you also have the option for an 8-speed derailleur if you’d like. The internal gear hub allows for a smoother shift through speeds and requires less maintenance. Our A-Type bikes are lightweight and can handle narrow paths, steep hills, and other city obstacles that come your way.

U.S. Made B-Type

Our U.S. Made B-Type bike has similar specs to our A-Type bike, but features a polished and stately step-through frame that allows riders to mount the bike more easily. Like the A-type, the base level B-Type comes with a 3-speed internal gear hub, or you can order it with the 8-speed derailleur. With 700CC wheels, you are sure to have a smooth ride all throughout the city. The B-Type bikes are also available in more colors for a ride that fits your unique style.

U.S. Made C-Type

The U.S. Made C-Type bike is the most affordable bike manufactured in the United States. It is a single speed bike, meaning you control the speed through pedal power. The C-Type is made to be durable and reliable; the wheels are knobby to give you confidence when riding over gravel and rough roads, but the frame is lightweight and easy to carry upstairs or move around to store in your home.

U.S. Made Cortello

If you are the type of person who loves to bike for both commuting and trail-riding, the U.S. Made Cortello is for you. It’s eight gears cover the range of a 21-speed without cross chaining. This is a durable hybrid bike that gives you a smooth ride on city roads and a dependable ride on the trails. It’s one of the best city bikes that adapts to any riding situation!

When it comes to bikes, it is just as important to find one that fits you as it is to find one that will fulfill the needs of your commute. Our bikes are designed with an elegant simplicity so that you can concentrate on your daily routine without having to worry about your bike. Whether it’s our U.S. Made A-Type, B-Type, C-Type, or Cortella, we know we have a bike for you. To test out one of our bikes, find us at a retailer near you.

 Best Bikes For City Dwellers


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