Bike frame types can differ in various ways, from the materials used to manufacture the bike to the possible features a bike frame can offer it’s rider. There is simply not one type of bike frame that is considered “the best”; choosing the right bike for you depends on how often you ride and the type of road or trails you plan to ride on.

What To Consider When Choosing A Bike Frame

Here are just a few examples of what people consider when deciding which type of bike will be best for them.

Chromoly Steel vs The Rest

The majority of bike frames these days are made out of steal, and Detroit Bikes proudly manufactures bike frames made out of high-quality American Chromoly steel. You may also find different brands that sell imported bikes made out of other materials, including aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber.

The type of material your bike is made from can affect the price of the bike, it’s weight, responsiveness, and its longevity. Keep in mind that the material of the bike is only one factor when it comes to choosing a bike. Ultimately, the total design and build of the bike will be what affects both your comfort and your ride.

Diamond vs Step-Through Frame 

You will find most bikes to have a diamond frame design, where the bikes have a high-cross-bar. This is the traditional bicycle design and has the best structural integrity. This means that the manufacturer can use less material while making a lighter bike. However, we’re not all causing the same wear and tear to our bikes, and strength isn’t the only factor to consider.

Step-through frames, also known as open frames, are bikes designed with a lower top tube or cross-bar, or none at all. In the early 20th century, this type of frame was traditionally designed for women so that they could mount their bikes more easily while wearing dresses or skirts. Of course, clothing standards have drastically changed since then, but step-through frames are still a great option for riders who may have trouble raising their legs to mount a bike.

Detroit Bikes makes both bike frame types. Our U.S. Made A-Type and C-Type bikes are both diamond frame designs, and our B-Type bikes are built with a step-through frame.

Suspended vs Rigid Forks

Bicycle suspensions help absorb shock when riding on rough roads and trails, making them common features on mountain bikes. Mountain bikes that don’t have any suspension are called rigids. Rigid bikes have fewer parts and require less maintenance than bikes that have suspensions but can feel uncomfortable if you are riding on rugged trails often.

Wheel Size

Whatever kind of wheel you’re going to be riding on, the most important thing to know is that it has to fit the frame. The frame style you choose is designed to be paired with a specific wheel width. Whether that means you’ve got big, wide “fat tire” wheels, or skinny road bike wheels. Usually, whatever kind you choose is what you’re stuck with, as it’s not recommended to try and intermix tires and frames. For example, using a road bike wheel on a mountain bike frame.

Whatever your intended riding style, there’s a bike out there that’s just the right match for you. With the right bike frame and style, you’re gonna have the smoothest ride. Consider checking out Detroit Bikes - you’re riding high-quality American steel! Detroit Bikes specializes in road and hybrid bikes, and you can even come to our headquarters to ride one for free!

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