Did you know that a typical car emits a whopping 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year?

This, coupled with the effort to promote a healthier lifestyle, has led to a rise in demand for different types of bikes. In fact, there has been an increase of about 60% in the number of bikers over the last decade in the US. A study by Harvard also shows that cycling builds muscles and is a great aerobic workout for us. 

With so many personal and environmental benefits, how could not want to invest in a bike right away? The good news is, this guide will help you educate yourself about the different types of bikes that you can buy online

Mountain Bike

Hailed as the most versatile of all bikes, mountain bikes are strong, sturdy, and high on utilitarian appeal. From a quick visit to the grocery store to conquering mountains, this bike can do it all. 

Perfect for adrenaline junkies and multi-discipline riders out there, a typical Mountain Bike offers 8 -12 speeds for a tighter grip between jumps. 

The drivetrains range from 1x to 2x and 3x, depending on your need of the hour. Usually, mountain bikes with two to three chain-rings in the front have less gears in the back that enables riders to broaden their gear range. 

Overall, these are powerful bikes that can handle different terrains with ease.  

Comfort Bike

Simple but never basic, these are the bike equivalent of comfort food and typically come with a range of features for recreational and leisure purposes. 

A typical comfort bike has an upright frame for back comfort, plush suspension to dilute the impact of bumps and deluxe seating. 

In short, they are perfect for a ride around the neighborhood and the city on a day off. Add to that, comfort bikes are extremely affordable for the luxury they offer. 

You can also customize your bike with special equipment for your commuting needs.

Beach Cruiser

A beach cruiser, like the name suggests, is a light bicycle for casual rides, especially at beaches and surrounding areas. 

These bikes are used more for recreational purposes than other robust, high action activity on the mountains or the roads.

A typical beach cruiser’s features would include extra wide tires to make riding on sand easier, a sophisticated frame, large seats, and coaster brakes. 

Coaster brakes make beach cruisers an all-weather ride which is why it is perfect for people who live in areas with a lot of rain.

Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross bikes are a harmonious mix of technology and athletic utility; these are ideal for skilled and experienced bikers. 

Mostly used on racing tracks with mixed terrain, a typical cyclocross bike comes with drop handlebars and pared-down aluminum. In addition, their carbon fiber frames mean that they are lightweight and easy to maneuver. 

These bikes usually come with a head tune of around 72 – 73 degrees to enable quick, sharp turns with tubeless tires no more than 33mm wide. 

The best part is that tubeless tires eliminate the risk of pinch punctures during biking races and can run at lower pressure for added road grip and security. 

Commuter Bike 

A commuter bike is a bike that you can use for daily purposes such as traveling to work, to the grocery store or anywhere close by. 

These bikes are usually equipped with wider saddles, grips that give more wrist support and an upright seating position. 

Wider, heavier tires are also a common feature in all commuter bikes, despite the brand you’re buying. Heavy tires are generally tougher and offer a more comfortable biking experience without compromising on speed. 

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the different types of bikes available in the market, you can invest in one for yourself. Check out Detroit Bikes for a wide selection of bikes and find the perfect partner for your next biking journey.