Like every manufacturer in the US, we’ve felt the uncomfortable presence and strain of operating during a worldwide pandemic. The restlessness that everyone feels due to the uncertain social distancing timelines has also been felt at Detroit Bikes. However, one thing has become quite clear to us over the past year - cycling (while maintaining proper social distance protocols) has become a way of escape for many Americans. 

With miles of paved cities, forests, coastal drives, and quiet parks - many cities and rural towns are conducive to riding bikes. While the effects of living in a pandemic began in the latest stages of winter in the Midwest - the spring and summer climate has blossomed into a welcoming climate for cycling. We’ve been able to focus on the physical and mental health benefits of biking - it connects people, it gives those who can’t normally endure intense physical activity a chance to get out and experience the world. It can reduce our stress levels - and even help us sleep better! 

Below are some key highlights and takeaways that should be considered during the COVID-19 environment. 

Is it safe to ride outside? 

Yes. The safest way is to ride alone - however, if you do choose to ride in a group, be aware of the current social distancing restrictions in your area. The safest plan for cycling is to ride out solo, enjoy the fresh air in an open environment, and try to time your rides for when you know the route will be less crowded.  

During quarantine - it is important to get in between 30-60 minutes of moderate to brisk activity in a day, build your immune system, and keeps viruses (like the Flu), at bay. 

Should I wear a mask while biking? 

For this question, we’ll always refer to the most updated, CDC guidelines on mask use. Last month, the CDC updated their recommendations to state “people wear masks in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household”. It also states that “masks may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others”. 

If you’re interested in purchasing some training-style face masks, you can find them at Adidas, and TrainingMask. We also have masks for sale on our website. 

Should I avoid interacting with others, or touching things outside? 

According to the CDC - COVID-19 is not thought to spread by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their nose or mouth, although it could be possible. Additionally, a recent study has found that it is likely 90% or more of the COVID-19 virus located on a surface will be “inactivated” upon midday sunlight exposure for 11 to 34 minutes. 

However, to be safe - avoid touching things like traffic buttons, elevator doors and buttons - in case another person coughs and proceeds to touch these surfaces without washing their hands. 

Before meeting up to ride with people outside of your family unit - take the time to assess key risk factors like the level of spread in your local community, if you have been exposed to COVID-19 and could be at risk for asymptomatically spreading it, as well as the recent health history of potential riding partners. 

In general - be aware and mindful of your interactions with others, and always take preventative steps like washing your hands, wearing masks in public, and limiting your interactions with others. In doing so - we can be part of the solution to decrease the spread of COVID-19. 

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As a disclaimer, we are not medical professionals at Detroit Bikes. The content above is inspired by cited CDC articles, studies, and research.