Modern Brands Throwing It Back

When most people think of retro commuter bikes, the first image that comes to mind is a beach cruiser. Beach cruisers are known to be easy to ride, offering an upright seating position, balloon wheels, bright colors and stylish features. Cruisers are also known to be heavy and slower than other, more utilitarian bikes. As bicycles become a more common mode of transportation, there are some companies out there making bikes that combine classic aesthetics with contemporary functionality.

Detroit Bikes understands not wanting to sacrifice style for purpose. We’ve designed our U.S. Made A-Type and B-Type bikes to look classic and sleek. Both types of bicycles feature large 700C wheels and a bike rack at the rear. For those interested in more color options, check out our Limited Edition Faygo bike, which comes in a wide selection of fun retro colors. Here are some other brands that make retro commuter bikes...

Linus Bikes

Linus Bikes have made it their mission to create a vintage-style bike that can be used for daily transportation. Their bikes marry the retro aesthetic of European bikes from the 50s and 60s with the build of a modern bike. Their bike colors are inspired by automobiles from the 60s. They also carry vintage-style accessories.

Lekker Bikes

Headquartered in Australia, Lekker Bikes has positioned themselves to specialize in retro bicycles. Their Amsterdam-inspired retro commuter bikes with aluminum frames are lightweight. They also make a variety of vintage-style accessories to outfit your bike, including leather and vinyl seats, leather saddle bags, baskets, and racks.

Pashley Bikes

Pashley Bikes was founded in 1926 and they have been passionate about hand-built bicycles ever since. Just as Detroit Bikes is proud to manufacture our bikes in the United States, Pashley Bikes has stayed true to their British roots and continue to manufacture their bikes right in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. They offer a variety of vintage-style bikes with an elegant European aesthetic, and built with a durable steel frame that you can rely on.


With the word “retro” in their name, you would expect nothing less than beautifully-designed vintage bicycles from Retrovelo. Although their beginning productions of bikes were manufactured in Germany, their frames are now produced in Taiwan and the bikes are assembled in Leipzig. Retrovelo bikes are designed to be part commuter bike and part mountain bike, featuring fat wheels that make them a bit heavier than your average city bike.  Check out our lastest blog post on the best winter commuter bikes.

 Brands That Make Retro Commuter Bikes