Whether you’re an avid rider or you just bought your first bike, trail riding can take you on an adventure filled with winding paths, scenic lookouts, and exciting obstacles. These items are not essential for your ride but are items you can find in our bike baskets.

Cool Bike Gear We Love

Water Bottle

Keep your ride going without stopping by having a water bottle handy. Many dedicated bike trails in the midwest exceed a distance of 10 miles, which can take a couple of hours to complete depending on the terrain. Having a water bottle or a camelback on you is ideal for every bike ride. A nice way to keep your water bottle secure is by attaching a water bottle cage to your bike.


If you want to get ahead on the latest trends, wear a helmet while trail riding (or just around town, not here to judge). Most trail riders prefer to wear a traditional biking helmet that allows them optimal protection while allowing ventilation to keep their head cool. Not everyone wants a traditional helmet, and there are many types to choose from. Some are in the shape of a baseball hat, a unicorn, or even have a GoPro attached! Whatever look you’re going for there’s a helmet out there for you.

Biking Apparel

Specific biking apparel is not essential for every ride, but comfort is key. While some wear spandex biking shorts to feel as if they are on the Tour de France, others stay casual and wear jeans and a t-shirt. Any apparel is good apparel to hop on a bike and go for a ride. At the end of the day we recommend you wear whatever makes you the most comfortable so you enjoy your ride.

Bike Riding App

Before beginning a trail ride, consider downloading a bike riding app on your phone. Bike riding apps allow you to track distance traveled, elevation changes, calories burned, and other helpful tips for maneuvering trails. While some are more geared towards serious trail riders, there are a lot of features that would benefit riders that do trails as more of a hobby than a sport. Many of those riders like to share bike routes, plan rides, and stay social and accountable with friends. For those who don’t own a bike, but love to ride, there’s an app that helps them find rideshares and bike-shares close by. Most apps have the ability to connect to common fitness devices such as a Fitbit. Bike riding apps are the best way to track and to set a plan to reach your fitness goals.

Portable Bike Pump

If you are planning on riding on an intense trail, you may want to consider bringing a portable bike pump. Although not necessary, a portable bike pump can save the day if you find yourself with low tire pressure on a trail. Don’t forget to pump up your tires before you ride with a traditional bike pump. Every purchase of any Detroit Bike comes with a complimentary free bike pump to use on your next trail ride!

Trail riding is for every level of rider, all you need is your bike and a beautiful day. Cool bike gear is a fun way to spice up your ride but is definitely not essential. Whether you have all the latest gear or just a few necessities, at Detroit Bikes we encourage you to just hop on your bike and go.

Cool Bike Gear for Trail Riding