Because we have our own domestic factory, Detroit Bikes is uniquely capable of making small runs of custom bikes for our customers. We’ve made custom bikes for local boutique hotels, restaurants, beloved Michigan brands and even 4,500 custom bikes for a national brewer. For companies looking to put specific branding on a bike, Detroit Bikes’ small-scale customization is a great option. Some of our partnership bikes are also available to the general public for purchase. To see some of the work we’ve done, check out our Limited Edition collection!

City FC

It’s no surprise that we have a passion for our city. That’s exactly why we created a bike that represents a team – Detroit City FC – who shares that same passion. Just like Detroit City FC was established to satisfy the demand for soccer in Detroit, Detroit Bikes aims to change the landscape for bike riding in the city. So, remember when cruising around on this maroon and gold 3-speed bike, it’s not just fueled by your legs. It’s fueled by your passion. 


Faygo boasts some of the best-tasting sodas on the market. Beyond that, each flavor comes in a classic vibrant color and unmistakable flavor: Red Pop, Moon Mist, Cotton Candy, Grape and Orange. That’s why we created this bike. The only thing better than high-quality chromoly steel is that same chromoly steel with a tasteful color scheme. Each color was picked specifically to match the style of one of Faygo’s iconic soda flavors. Nothing screams Detroit flavor more than flavor from Detroit.

Slow Roll

Bringing together people from diverse backgrounds is truly empowering, and that’s exactly what the Detroit Slow Roll does. This powerful sense of togetherness inspired us to create this bold red and black bike with a name that couldn’t be more fitting. You can now ride in style and show off that Slow Roll head badge while cruising around the city on this beautifully customized A-Type bike. 

For more information on Slow Roll, please check out its website:


If you’re from Detroit – if you’re not, you’ll have to take our word for it – you already know how much passion our city harbors for its sports teams. That passion remains unextinguished, even in the eyes of defeat. That’s why we created a bike that Lions fans and haters everywhere would love. A lightweight city bike for the heavyweight city bike rider. When people see you riding around on this bike, there’s no doubt they’ll immediately think of the Lions thanks to a paint job inspired by team spirit on our A-Type and B-Type frames. 

Zingerman’s Pickle Bike

If pickles are your guilty pleasure and you want the world to know, then this is the bike for you. By partnering with one of the best places to buy extraordinary, traditionally made foods, we created a bike for the pickle lover. And if the green paint doesn’t remind you of pickles, take a look at the steel fender set that arches over beautiful 700c wheels. This bike is made to stand out during your city commute, and its rear rack with US-made birchwood platform is perfect for bringing along all of your belongings. 

For more information on Zingerman’s, please check out its website:

Ain’t Too Proud

Many people may think of the auto industry when they think of Detroit. However, music has always played a vital role in Detroit’s history, and we knew it was only right to pay homage to that. Through a special partnership with the Broadway musical, “Ain’t Too Proud,” and due to our admiration for one of the most iconic music groups around – The Temptations – we created this special custom-branded bike. With its harmonious color and lyrical design, you will understand how this bike got its name. 

If you are interested in purchasing a bike from our limited edition collection, or purchasing your own custom fleet, visit our online store today!