Faygo Detroit 

The Bike is Born

In the mid-nineteenth century, long before the automobile, Detroit was already obsessed with transportation. In 1868 one of the first bikes, the velocipede, hit the streets of Detroit years before they were common in other cities. We officially made bikes cool before they were cool.

The Detroit Bicycle Club formed just over a decade later, cementing cycling culture in the Motor City. Detroit became the host to national cycling clubs, such as the League of American Wheelman, and gained a reputation as a destination for avid cyclists. In the 1890s, Henry Ford began work on his “quadricycle”--an automobile made entirely of bicycle parts--as the Dodge brothers developed their own plans while peddling the road.

By 1907, cycling had become the go-to source of transportation, recreation, and innovation. That’s when Ben and Perry Feigenson, two brothers who recently immigrated from Russia, sparked an innovation of their own. They took the unique icing flavors that had thrown their bakery into quick success and pivoted them into another trendy concept--flavored soda, or as it’s actually called, pop.

As Detroit shifted to car manufacturing, the Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works shifted their name to Faygo and became an emblem of the ever-changing culture of Detroit. They became known for their specially crafted root beer and catchy advertising campaigns. Now, just past their 110th birthday, Faygo continues to build innovative flavors while symbolizing Detroit’s sense of community and ingenuity.

Today, Detroit’s bike culture is exemplary of everything Detroit has to offer. With programs like the Slow Roll, we exemplify that Detroiters look out for each other, and we aren’t afraid to be ourselves. The ongoing focus on bike lanes and greenways show that we’re never going to be boxed in one spot, no matter what the world thinks. Together Detroiters are building a greener, brighter, and friendlier world.

At Detroit Bikes, we’re excited to take these concepts and fuse them into our Faygo Limited Edition series. We offer our comfortable, beautiful, and strong step-through models in a variety of flavors, from Cotton Candy to Redpop to Moon Mist and beyond. We pride ourselves on being the perfect city bike; we hope that through this series we’ll be your perfect Motor City bike, too.

Detroit History: Faygo and Bikes