As a global community, we’re facing increasingly challenging times with few options for relief as we social distance and isolate ourselves from others. For those of us still trying to get our heart rate up, maintain our biking habits, and who prefer to stay indoors for the safety of all of us, putting your Detroit Bikes’ Sparrow on a bike trainer may be the perfect riding solution. 

We’ve compiled this list of four indoor bike trainers to help you maintain that outdoor riding experience from the comfort of your home without spending a fortune on a Peloton. 

Best Indoor Bike Trainers:

Wahoo Kickr Core

Similar to the KICKR CLIMB model, the KICKR Core is a lightweight, foldable, quiet ride that you can keep at home or travel to races with. Take an indoor ride with your Detroit Bikes A Type bike to a new level while you ride through trails using apps that integrate to your trainer like Zwifter or TrainerRoad. The electromagnetic setup allows for automatic resistance adjustments while you ride, increasing and decreasing based on the terrain.

Tacx NEO 2T

The NEO 2T is the closest thing to riding outdoors. Providing a powerful ride, within 1% accuracy, the quieter and stable trainer allows you to move right and left while reacting instantly to speed and incline changes. The bike trainer can handle speeds up to 2200 watts and can take on hills up to a 25% incline. The NEO 2T is also bluetooth compatible and provides TacX software and apps to ride with. 

Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 Trainer

The most affordable option, coming in at under $400, the Kinetic Road Machine is bluetooth compatible, quiet, and provides a realistic outdoor ride indoors. This bike trainer is a great option for beginners or budget conscious riders, as this requires no additional sensors or add ons, while also being compatible with apps like Zwifter. 

Elite Suito Interactive Trainer

Elite's Suito Interactive Trainer offers easy, five minute setup and a sturdy steel frame, giving you optimal balance with minimal noise. Tally your indoor miles and collect ride data via ANT+ and Bluetooth, and elevate your ride with electronic resistance providing the feel of up to 15% grade climbs. Get social at a distance with a free 12 month ‘My E-Training’ subscription that can turn your indoor training sessions into group rides and international adventures.

What is an Indoor Bike Trainer?

An indoor bike trainer is a motor designed to attach to a road or mountain bike and provide resistance to simulate an outdoor ride while stationary. These trainers are broken out into two categories: “wheel on” which uses the bike’s own wheel, and “wheel off” which replace the back wheel with the trainer’s equipment. 

Bike trainers are further categorized by how resistance is provided, whether it be wind, fluid, magnetic or centrifugal. For the most part, all trainers can be adjusted to fit a majority of bike sizes. Each option comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, making them appropriate for different types of riders.

The Benefits of Using an Indoor Bike Trainer

While the fresh air and change in scenery are appreciated when riding outdoors, there are a number of pros to using a bike trainer to ride inside. 

  • When riding with a bike trainer, you have the luxury to ride when you want without checking the forecast or time. 
  • You can also adjust the terrain as you like. Increase resistance for an intense climb, or keep it flat for easy pedaling. 
  • With certain bike trainers, you have the opportunity to track more areas of your ride if cycling for training purposes. 
  • When applied to the current climate however, the most important benefit of an indoor trainer is that it keeps your health in check, and you and loved ones safe from illness.

Are you on the lookout for a bike to kickstart your Spring and Summer 2020 rides? Detroit Bikes’ Chromoly steel pairs perfectly with an indoor bike trainer while you wait for the opportunity to take your two-wheeled friend for a spin outside.