What is a Simple Bike?

When you think of a simple bicycle, a single speed bike might be the first thing that comes to mind. Single speed bikes are pedal-powered and require less maintenance than multi-geared bikes because they have less parts. However, that doesn’t exclude multi-geared bikes from being considered simple! At the end of the day, any bike that is designed to be low-maintenance can be considered a simple bike.

Ideally, simple bikes are lightweight but durable for daily transportation. This makes them ideal bikes for city commuters. But if you’re looking to ride on challenging terrain or over very long distances, then a simple bike may not be right for you.

Which Simple Bike Should I Choose?

In considering what type of bike to get, it’s vital to think of your potential riding routine. Commuters usually use their bikes every day, but the conditions of roads from city to city may vary. If you’re in an area with a lot of flat roads, a single speed bike could be a great option. Keep an eye out for the Detroit Bikes Sparrow, coming in 2019!

Commuters who live in areas with uneven terrain or many hills usually fare better with a multi-geared bike. Shopping around for multi-geared bikes can seem daunting, especially when you see all the potential bells and whistles that come with them. But as mentioned before, multi-geared bikes can be simple. Consider our U.S. Made A-Type, a city bike that has both a 3-speed and 8-speed option. It’s lightweight enough to carry but offers a sturdy and smooth ride throughout the city. We also have the U.S. Made B-Type, our city bike with a step-through frame for easy mount and dismount.

Shopping for a Simple Bike

No matter what type of bike you have your eye on, it’s always important to test ride your potential bike in person. If you’re looking for a simple bike but are confused by the options, go to your local bike shop to express any questions or concerns to the bike experts. Let them know what type of roads you’ll be riding on, how often you think you will be riding your bicycle, and whether or not there is any maintenance involved.

Personalize Your Bike

While a simple bike is designed to get you from point A to point B, there is plenty of room for you to customize your bike to best suit your personal needs and style. For the long range commuter, consider attaching a water bottle cage to your bike so you can stay hydrated whenever you need. If you often have things to transport, a handlebar basket or rack basket is the perfect accessory to add on to your bike. A handlebar bell and lighting system are also great features you can add to keep you safe while you ride.

Stay Simple with Detroit Bikes

Whenever you’re on the road, the last thing you want to worry about is the reliability of your vehicle. Detroit Bikes specializes in minimalist commuter bikes that last a lifetime.  Find a local retailer to test ride one of our bikes today!

Is a Simple Bike the Right Choice?