Our Favorite Custom Bikes

November 26, 2018

Our Favorite Custom Bikes

Custom Bikes

At Detroit Bikes, we focus on creating the best city bikes around using chromoly steel to find the perfect combination of strength, structure, and flexibility. Most riders know about our distinctive manufacturing process and sleek design; what they might not know is that those designs can be customized to fit your or your organization’s needs.

Our process

Our 50,000 square-foot facility is capable of producing 150 bikes a day and assembling 400 bikes per day. We offer this manufacturing power, original equipment manufacturing, and high volume assembly to a variety of customers. Some of our favorite customers are those that choose to pursue custom bikes. We can build bicycles with custom specs, colors, and logos.

As soon as a company or organization contacts us with an inquiry, we get to work. Our design team, manufacturing team, and custom bike client all collaborate together to design the best bike possible. We focus on frame color, frame type, logo placement, production amount, and a variety of other factors. We view every custom order as an opportunity to get involved and connect with the Detroit community.

Why go for custom bikes?

Bikes are reliable, sustainable, cost-effective, and convenient transportation. A fleet of branded bikes embodies these ideals and ties them directly to the organization or business who ordered them.

In cities and large campus especially, bikes become a necessary way to get from place to place. On University of Detroit Mercy’s campus in particular these our custom UDM bikes add a touch of personalization that ties everyone together, not to mention giving them the smoothest ride possible. Fleets of custom bikes, encourage everyone to be more active and inclusive. Simple commonalities can spark a conversation or experience, forging a connection that hadn’t been there before.

Looking Back at Our Favorite Custom Bikes

We’ve created custom bikes for a variety of cool companies and organizations, including…

  •      Michigan State Police
  •      Toll Brothers
  •      University of Detroit Mercy
  •      New Belgium Brewing
  •      Two Range Red Wine
  •      Detroit Foundation Hotel
  •      Big Rock Brewery
  •      Dearborn Meat Market

If you’d like to order your own custom bike or fleet, contact us here.

Looking Back At Our Favorite Custom Bikes

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