The 5 Best Chromoly Bikes You Can Buy Online

September 10, 2019

The 5 Best Chromoly Bikes You Can Buy Online

If you’re a bike enthusiast, you probably already know that not all frames are created equal, and why Chromoly steel is considered to be the best choice for bike frames.

While frames are constructed from a number of materials, Chromoly steel—an alloy of chromium and molybdenum—is stronger than more commonly used materials such as carbon-steel and aluminum. Ready to buy your very first Chromoly steel bike? Here’s a list of the 5 best Chromoly bikes available online.

#1 Detroit Bikes U.S. Chromoly A-Type

This is probably one of the best Chromoly bikes out there – if we do say so ourselves.

The U.S. Chromoly A-Type comes with genuine leather grips that cover an anodized aluminum handlebar. This, when coupled with the fact that the bike has a rustproof KMC chain and a Chromoly frame, make it one of the most durable option for bikers.

And if this isn’t enough, then here’s something that will really help you decide: you don’t even have to worry about complicated assembly as with most products bought online. The Chromoly A-Type comes 95% pre-assembled!

#2 Detroit Bikes U.S. Chromoly B-Type

The U.S. Chromoly B-Type is also one of our premium bikes—a companion to the A-Type featuring a step-through frame. Like the A-Type, the Chromoly frame is hand-wielded, using only the finest materials with two beautiful color options available: Rose Gold and Slate Gray. The B-Type also features a Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal gear drivetrain and shifter, a Brooks B-67S genuine leather saddle with coil springs, and a new Detroit Bikes aluminum rear rack with a U.S.-made birchwood platform.

#3 KONA Wheelhouse Bike 2019

If you’re looking for a road bike, then consider the Wheelhouse by Kona. This bike comes with a high quality drivetrain mechanism that allows accurate and smooth shifts, and powerful mechanical disk brakes. Its carbon fiber fork delivers first-rate small bump compliance on the road to ensure a smooth ride. Set with a Reynolds 853 Chromoly frame, this bike is both durable and stylish.

#4 Detroit Bikes U.S. Chromoly Cortello

Are you also tired of complicated bike rides that involve too many gears? We are too! This is why we’ve designed the Cortello—a no-hassle product that you can ride on any terrain—whether city or trail. Its 1x10 drivetrain takes out the complexity of cross gearing, while still giving it the range of a 21 speed. With hydraulic disk brakes, this bike allows for complete and powerful stops, no matter the condition.

#5 RALEIGH Port Townsend

The company, which was started in1887, is one of the oldest and most reliable bike brands in the world. Sought after by world-class cyclists, Raleigh bikes are top favorites for Tour de France riders. While it’s not a racing cycle, Port Townsend is an urban heritage bike by Raleigh that is just as reliable and durable.

There you have it, a list of the best Chromoly bikes on the market that you can order online. What are your favorites?

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