There are a lot of different bikes out there that are made for different types of riding. Each of these bikes have special qualities that make them the perfect fit for what their riders need. Mountain bikes, for example, have wide tires with lots of grip that make them ideal for riding over dirt and rocky trails. Cruisers are designed for leisure riding over short, flat distances. BMX or trick bikes are small and durable, making them perfect for daredevils who want to do jumps and tricks.

As bicycles continue to become a more popular form of everyday transportation, especially in city areas, many folks look at commuter bikes as their new vehicle. Commuter bikes may be equipped with practical features, including lights, rear or front racks, bags, and locks. The best urban bikes are certainly an investment to consider; even if you’re not riding to work, they offer a great way to run small errands, such as going to the post office, grocery store, or a friend’s house. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint and helping you get some extra exercise in your routine, it can be really helpful for getting around the city with more ease than a car.

Four Of Our Favorite Commuter Bike Brands

When looking for a bike that’s the right fit for you, it’s important to test some out before you make a purchase. After all, commuter bikes are meant to be ridden almost every day, so you want to find something that will be comfortable! If you are shopping around for a commuter bike, here are some of the best urban bikes to consider.

Detroit Bikes

Detroit Bikes specializes in minimalist commuter bikes that are manufactured in the United States. This means that our bikes are designed to be reliable and last for the long haul without needing much maintenance. We are the only bike manufacturer in Detroit, where you can find our manufacturing factory and even visit for a tour. Starting at $399, they are one of the best urban bikes out there. Detroit Bikes also offers some of the most affordable bikes manufactured in the United States.


Based in Seattle, Rodriguez Cycles manufactures a variety of bikes, including commuter bikes, tandem bikes, and sporting bikes. They’ve been in business since the 1970s and hand-build bikes to order. They are super passionate about helping people get a quality bike that is the best fit.


Brompton bikes are commuter bikes that are also folding bikes. These bikes are hand-built in London and are convenient for daily commutes that still involve public transportation. They are super portable; if you are looking to travel with your bike, their folding bikes can fold down to about the size of a carry-on suitcase! Their bikes are also great for storing in small apartments and spaces, a great feature for city-dwellers.


Budnitz Bicycles was founded in 2010 and their studio is located in Burlington, Vermont. The company is proactively small, and they only produce a few hundred bikes a year. They offer both commuter bikes and electric bikes. Although they are on the pricier side, their bikes are beautifully designed and built to last.
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The Best Commuter Bikes On The Market