Bike Equipment For Your Commute

We love simple commuter bikes; not only are they easy to maintain, but they are also beautiful to admire. While minimalism is definitely one of the prime attributes of our bikes, we also understand that our riders have a variety of needs. It’s important to us that we provide a great riding experience for cyclists, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of the most useful pieces of bike equipment for commuters.


The least expensive type of insurance for cyclists is a helmet. It’s a simple piece of bike equipment that can make a huge difference in the event of an accident. While a helmet is essential for bike safety, one of the biggest concerns commuters may have is how much sweat can build up underneath a helmet, which can be an unfavorable start to a workday. Fortunately, many helmets are designed to be well-ventilated, easy to wear, and stylish. Most importantly, make sure you’re wearing more than a glorified hat and get a CPSC, ANSI, ASTM or SNELL approved helmet, so that your brain is thoroughly protected.

Bike Lock

Once you’ve invested in a new bicycle, protect it using a reliable bike lock. We recommend starting with a solid, insured U-Lock like a Kryptonite U-Lock to secure your main bicycle frame. Consider combining it with a security cable, like the the Kryptoflex, for your wheels. Thieves want to grab and go, so make it look difficult and they’ll walk right past!

Bike Pump

It’s not necessary to carry around a bike pump if you have a short commute. But, having a bike pump handy will allow you to refresh your tires for a smooth commute and avoid getting flats. With your tires at the right pressure, you can reduce the amount of effort you need to use to pedal, and soften bumps on rough pavement and rugged trails.

Rear Rack

Some commuters may have more cargo than others, in which case a rear rack is especially helpful. Use a bungee cord to secure your bags and other belongings to the rack, or purchase an additional rack basket to house your things. All of our Assembly bikes come with a rear rack so your bike is ready for cargo the day you start riding.


Kickstands are standard on most bikes, but some owners prefer to replace the original ones with unique and unusual kickstands to add more style to their bike. Imagine a spiral kickstand that looks like a chrome candy cane, or a double kickstand that will hold up a 40-pound bike monstrosity. For those riders that want to add a personal touch to their bike, the options are endless with kickstands!

Phone Mount

We don’t recommend streaming Netflix on the trail, but having your phone screen in view while you’re riding can actually be really useful. Like a car GPS, having your phone in view can help guide you throughout your next adventure without having to worry about which direction you should be going. Modern-day bicycle phone mounts clamp down on the phone to hold them in place and keep them safe.

Other Bike Equipment

There are plenty of ways to equip your bike for a better commute. Stay hydrated throughout your ride by attaching a water cage to your bike frame, add a bell to alert pedestrians you’re around, or a lighting system for a safer ride at night. All of these accessories and bike equipment can be found at a local bike shop near you.

The Bike Equipment Every Commuter Needs