Instagram-Worthy and Environmentally Friendly Cute Bikes

In the past ten years, commuting by bicycle in the United States has increased by almost 50%. Studies have shown that commuting by bike is great for your health and the environment. Biking can help lower blood pressure, boost energy, improve brain power, and reduce anxiety. More bicycle commuters also means improved air quality, especially in cities with denser populations and more traffic. Biking has serious financial benefits, too. Commuting by bike can save you money on gasoline, motor oil, and other car-related expenses.

Just like buying a new car, it’s important to find a bicycle that looks and feels good so you’ll want to ride it every day. For ride inspiration, we’ve compiled some of the freshest and cutest bikes to hit our Instagram feed.

Detroit Bike’s Faygo© (Limited Edition)

Nothing catches the eye like the bright colors of Faygo pop, which inspired Detroit Bikes to create our Limited Edition Faygo bike. The Faygo comes with a sleek step-through frame made out of American chromoly steel. With bright color finishes of Faygo Red Pop, Faygo Moon Mist, Faygo Cotton Candy, Faygo Grape, and Faygo Orange, you and your crew will be hard to miss as you ride your stylish bikes all throughout the city.

The Cutest Bikes On The Market

Martone Cycling Co.’s Broadway V3

Martone Cycling Co.’s Broadway V3 is a stylish city bike that will make heads turn as you whiz past them. The bike has a double-wall steel frame, so it rides  light during your city commute. It also comes in a gradient finish and has an aluminum basket in the front that will make you want to model your bike wherever you go.The Cutest Bikes On The Market

Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s Willow 7

Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s Willow 7 makes any commute feel like a countryside ride.Mixing modern and vintage styles, this bike comes in a dapper Colombia Blue finish with a dark brown saddle and cream colored wheels. No matter where you are going, this bike will brighten up your day.

The Cutest Bikes On The Market

Yuba Bike’s Boda Boda

Cute bikes aren’t only for solo commuters! Yuba Bike’s Boda Boda bicycle has a compact build that makes it great for storage and features a strong rear rack for city riders who need to transport heavier cargo. Parents on the go can even mount a seat (or two!) on the back of the Boda Boda bike for children. You can get the Boda Boda bike with either a step-thru or step-over frame in three beautiful finishes.

Amsterdam Bicycle Co.’s Azor Ameland

This Dutch-style commuter bicycle is built with a lightweight aluminum frame and has convenient carriers in both the front and back of the bike. Whether you’re on your way to a business meeting in a suit and tie or having a more casual work day, the clean design of this bike will make any commuter look good.

The Cutest Bikes On The Market


The Cutest Bikes on the Market