We’ve all heard the common advice, “Cycling is good for your health.” But is that enough of a reason to invest in a brand new bike? According to Harvard Medical School, the answer is yes.

Cycling is not only good for your heart and muscles, but it can also potentially improve your balance and stamina. What’s more, cycling can help with health issues like diabetes, cancer, arthritis and stress management, while being an environmentally-friendly travel option.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to blow your savings and spend thousands of dollars on a new bike – you can always go for a more affordable option. If you’re looking for low budget bikes, we’ve designed the perfect single-speed bike for you: The Sparrow.

Here’s everything you need to know before you invest in our most affordable bike.

What Makes The Sparrow A Good Option?

Since 2013 Detroit Bikes has made and sold thousands of bicycles. During that time we've wanted to come up with the best bike for city riding...something simple, affordable, durable and lightweight. We think the Sparrow is the perfect city bicycle.

This bike is exactly what you’re looking for in an urban utility bike: it’s simple, stylish and at $399, it's one of the best budget bikes on the market.

We’ve kept the needs of our users in mind when designing the Sparrow. In addition to an affordable price point, it comes equipped with all the quintessential features that are the hallmark of Detroit Bikes. This means it is easy to assemble, comes with a free floor pump, and has premium components, like the SDG Duster saddle featured on the Sparrow.

It’s a Simple & Stylish Single-Speed Bike

Simply put, single-speed bikes aren’t mechanically complicated like most of the other options on the market. In other words:

  • You don’t have to worry about figuring out the gearing system
  • There are less parts that require maintenance
  • It is lighter than most other bikes
  • It is cost-effective

Like our other models, the Sparrow was also designed with aesthetics in mind. Choose from white with blue tires, white with red tires, black with green tires, or black with grey tires—either way, you’ll look great riding it. 

The Story Behind the Sparrow

We teamed up with Ben Serotta, American bicycle designer for the Tour de France, and the Olympics, to create the Sparrow's frame geometry in four sizes so every rider will find their ideal fit. The Sparrow is just 22 pounds, thanks to thoughtful component selection and a frame made from aircraft-grade aluminium. We’ve used only the best materials to make the bike durable and long lasting. Additionally, the KMC chain is rustproof and its authentic WTB thick slick tires provide excellent ride quality.

Built simply, the Sparrow has a clean aesthetic so you can take it out on a spin anywhere – ride it through the park or even to your office. The best part is, we ship it to your doorstep 95 percent assembled, so you can go on a ride within five minutes of unpacking the bike.

Here’s what one Sparrow owner had to say:

“I’m honestly blown away by the quality of this bike for the price point. Gear ratio is great all around for city riding, even for going up hills! Rides smooth and is so light! Can’t believe how fast you can get this bike going too. Thanks Detroit Bikes, expect to see me again someday.” 

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