There are many categories of bikes, two of them are: single speed and multi-geared. Single speed bikes, as the name suggests, only have one speed. To put it simply, you can control your speed by how hard and fast you pedal. Multi-geared bikes, on the other hand, allow you to shift your bike's gears so that you can adjust your pedaling power while maintaining the speed you want.

The Pros Of A Single Speed Commuter Bike

Depending on what type of riding you are looking for, there are benefits to both types of bikes. For many city bike commuters, a single speed bike offers a modest design that is efficient and minimal. If you’re deciding which type of bike is right for you, here are some reasons to choose a single speed bike for your commute.


Single speed bikes are often simply designed without bells and whistles. They are built to be practical and with fewer parts, which mean they require less maintenance than other bikes. At most, riders just need to make sure their chains are properly oiled and their tires are pumped. Single speed bikes are lighter in weight and you never have to worry about shifting gears because there is only one speed.


If you are shopping around for a bike, you may have noticed there are a lot of different price points for bikes. Single speed bikes are built to be sturdy and light for reliable daily transportation. In exchange for multiple gears, bells, and whistles riders get higher quality hubs and wheels on single speed bikes. Because there are fewer parts involved, single speed bikes are considered the more dependable and durable option for the lowest price.

City Riding

If you live in the city you will appreciate the fact that single speed bikes are lightweight and easy to carry upstairs, store in tighter spaces, and ride on city roads. Single speed bikes are ideal for city commutes that are mostly flat since you cannot change the gears. A multi-geared bike may be better suited for you if your ride involves many hills unless you feel up to power through going up hills and get the extra exercise!

The fact that there are fewer parts make single speed bikes better for daily transportation in harsher weather and road conditions, especially in the winter time when there is a lot of snow and salt on the roads. Since single speed bikes have fewer parts than other bikes, they are easier to clean and there are fewer areas that are susceptible to becoming clogged or damaged. For potholes and roads with rocky gravel, having a single gear gives you control over your ride.

Test Ride a Detroit Bike

Detroit Bikes manufacturers both multi-geared and single-speed bikes, depending on your needs. Our single speed U.S. Made C-Type Bikes are considered the most affordable bicycle manufactured in the United States and was designed to be a top-notch commuter bike. They are made out of American Chromoly steel for a durable ride and have knobby tires for better traction on the road. If you’ve never tried out a single speed bike or still have more questions, visit a local bike shop for a test ride and get expert advice about which type of bicycle is best for you!

When To Choose A Single Speed Bike