Bikes & Millennials

Bicycles have quickly become a normalized mode of transit, so much so that many cities are adopting bike-share programs for their residents and visitors. In 2015, Portland State University’s Transportation Research and Education Center teamed up with the National Association of Realtors, surveying how adults prefer to travel. Results showed that millennials, adults aged 18 to 34, did not necessarily bike more than GenXers, but that more millennials were biking for transportation, while GenXers were mainly riding bikes for exercise. Here are some reasons why more millennials are choosing to buy bikes as their mode of transportation.

Lower Costs

Buying a bike costs a fraction of what it would cost to buy a car, and requires a lot less maintenance, cutting out costs for fuel and oil changes. In addition to fewer maintenance costs, riders also don’t need to purchase insurance and permits or parking spaces for their vehicle. Having a bicycle as a primary form of transportation helps riders save a lot of money, especially for city-dwellers who have a commute within 6 miles of their workplace and other daily destinations. Even for households that have cars, bicycles are a great, low-costing alternative as a second vehicle.


There are many conveniences that come with having a bike as a vehicle. Cyclists don’t need a driver’s license to ride, and bikes are a lot easier to store in small spaces or at homes that have no parking spaces. Bikes are also arguably more efficient in urban areas that may have a lot of traffic, especially as more cities improve their roads by adding bike-friendly lanes for their cyclists.

Improving Infrastructures

While many cities still have a lot of work to do before they are 100% bike-friendly, developers and planners are actively taking into consideration the fact that riders’ safety needs to be accommodated on the roads.

You may have also noticed more cities installing more bike racks in public spaces for riders to lock up their bicycles and that new apartment developments are setting aside more spaces for their residents to park their bikes. Even these types of small improvements are reasons why more people are choosing bikes as their daily mode of transportation.

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 Why Millennials Are Buying Bikes