Traditionally, bikes are sold in independent bike stores and in big box stores. Big box stores have prices that can't be beat, and bike stores generally have excellent knowledge and service.


Buying a bike online can put customers in the dark.
  • How will the bike show up?
  • Will the fit/feel be right?
  • Can I assemble it myself? 
Those three questions can make buying a bike online intimidating.  


Woman on Laptop, shopping online
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


There are also benefits to online purchasing. Aside from not having to leave your house, buying direct is usually less expensive because the bike company doesn't need to factor in a dealer margin, which can be 40%. This means if you shop around you can often find a better quality bike at a better price than you would in a traditional retailer. There are still questions of fit and ease of assembly. 


It is always best to be able to take a bike for a test ride before you buy it and unfortunately when buying a bike online you don't have that option. To try to balance the scales (and because we are confident that you will like our bikes) we offer a no questions asked 30 day return policy.


Woman Riding Bicycle

Consider it a test ride. If there's anything you don't like, just repackage the bike and tape on the return shipping label we include in every box. Assembly is where our US factory really comes into play. 99.9% of bikes in America come from overseas already in boxes and when they arrive here they require advanced assembly that is best preformed by a mechanic.


Because we do final assembly and packaging of all our bikes (both with imported and domestic frames) we can ship the bike to you in state of assembly that is otherwise unheard of. Have a look at our assembly videos to see just how easy it is.


Our bikes with imported frames are shipped 95% assembled and our US Chromoly bikes are shipped 99% assembled in oversized packaging.