Powder Coat Technician

Position: Powder Coat Technician

Reports to: Production Manager

Position Summary:

Apply powder coat to bicycle frames and parts used in production of Detroit Bikes made bicycles. Ensure tools and equipment are working properly to provide a quality application of the powder. Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • -  Apply primer and finish coats of powder to bicycle frames and parts that are used in the making of bicycles.
  • -  Perform quality control of incoming raw parts and outgoing powder coated parts.
  • -  Insert and remove powder coated parts from the curing oven.
  • -  Maintain powder coating tools, supplies and storage of powder to keep equipment functioning efficiently and product loss at a minimum.
  • -  Maintain a steady flow of production in order to meet overall Detroit Bikes output goals.
  • -  Remain focused on completing assignments
  • -  Ensure accurate completion of personal Daily Time Card
  • -  Perform general preventative maintenance and/or repairs on department equipment
  • -  Maintain cleanliness and orderliness of work space, work stations and equipment
  • -  Perform additional duties as assigned by Parts Production Supervisor Performance Measurement: Complete assignments within established project timelines and parts/material usage limits while maintaining a high quality level of work Required Skills: - Knowledgeofmaterialpreparationandpowderapplicationinamanufacturingenvironment. - Quality control analysis of incoming and outgoing parts. - Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance. Working Conditions: - Standing while applying powder coat to parts. - Moving large racks with parts in and out of the curing oven. - Required to wear a respirator while applying powder and opening the oven.
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