U.S. Made B-Type

Beautiful step-through frames available in Purple and Hunter Green finishes.

All frames are handmade in Detroit using high-quality American chromoly steel and feature large 700c wheels to ensure a smooth ride. All are available with maintenance free internal 3-speed hubs, or 8-speed derailleur versions, and come in small and medium sizes. All models include a Greenfield KS3 kickstand. These bikes feature new, upgraded, lightweight birch plywood racks./

This bike was designed to be assembled in bike shops and we highly recommend professional assembly. We will be glad to make arrangements to ship the bike directly to the bike shop of your choice.   

* Please note that our image for the hunter green B-Type shows matching green fenders, but these bikes come equipped with silver fenders. The images also show laser cut metal racks but the bikes now come with our new birch plywood racks.   

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    Materials matter and at Detroit Bikes we use the best.

    American Chromoly is a strong steel, so strong that it is used to make race car roll cages. Because of it's strength, the tubing used for a chromoly bicycle frame is thinner, making for a strong but lightweight frame.

    Chromoly is responsive. It maintains it's form while offering a satisfying amount of flex. This means that as you ride your body absorbs less of the little bumps on the road because the frame does it instead.

    You may not have been looking for a chromoly bicycle, but once you ride one you will want one.

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