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Bikers gonna bike. 

The U.S. Made Lions A-Type is a durable, 3-speed, lightweight city bike, handmade in Detroit out of high-quality American chromoly steel.

This frame will best fit riders 5’3” to 5’11”.

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Materials matter and at Detroit Bikes we use the best.

American Chromoly is a strong steel, so strong that it is used to make race car roll cages. Because of it's strength, the tubing used for a chromoly bicycle frame is thinner, making for a strong but lightweight frame.

Chromoly is responsive. It maintains it's form while offering a satisfying amount of flex. This means that as you ride your body absorbs less of the little bumps on the road because the frame does it instead.

You may not have been looking for a chromoly bicycle, but once you ride one you will want one.

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