American Steel

Why U.S. Chromoly?

Chromoly is a strong steel, so strong that it is often used to make race car roll cages. Because of it's strength, the tubing used for a chromoly bicycle frame is thinner (you don't need as much material as you do with low quality steel). This makes for a frame that is both strong and lightweight.

Most importantly, chromoly is responsive. It maintains it's form while offering a satisfying amount of flex. As you ride your body absorbs less of the little bumps on the road because the frame does it instead. 

All our U.S. Chromoly bikes are made in the USA from American chromoly steel. It is unlikely that you will find a single bike made from material of similar quality in a bike shop. Most bike shops buy bikes from the catalogs of the big three major bike producers, and their bikes come entirely from overseas and are made from the lowest cost materials available. Bike shops don't want to talk about frame material because their bike frames are almost universally made from low quality imported aluminum or cheap, imported high tensile steel.  

We always encourage customers to take our bikes out for a test ride to feel the difference U.S. Chromoly makes. You may not have been looking for a chromoly bicycle, but once you ride one you will want one.

Materials matter and at Detroit Bikes we use the best.