What is Detroit Bikes?

Founded in 2011, Detroit Bikes provides a number of different bicycle-related services to various types of customers. Primarily, we are a bike frame manufacturer making quality commuter bicycles under our name brand, following Detroit’s long traditions of excellence in manufacturing and design. For our US Chromoly branded bikes we manufacture the frames, build the wheels, paint and assemble in house. Our entry level bikes have imported frames, but all our bikes are completely assembled and packaged in Detroit. We are the only bike manufacturer in Detroit and operate the only currently functional large scale bike frame factory in the country.

All our bikes are assembled, packaged and have wheels built in Detroit MI, USA.

What is a Commuter Bike?

A commuter bike is for getting around. It is designed to function at its best on streets and in bike lanes. Good commuter bikes are durable, simple bikes requiring minimal maintenance. A reliable, high-quality commuter bike can save a rider a lot of money if used often. Consider the price of gas, insurance, parking, tickets, and hours wasted in slow moving traffic. Free yourself. We make bikes for daily use- fun to ride and durable.

What is Chromoly?

See our page on chromoly here.

What is the difference between your Regular & US Chromoly Bikes?

There are different types of production facilities involved in making products. Some facilities manufacture products (turning raw materials into finished goods, using industrial machinery) and some are simply assembly facilities. The bike industry in America sources over 99% of its product from Asia already assembled and packaged.

Detroit Bikes differs from the rest of the industry in that we offer both types of production, domestically, so our customers can choose what type of bicycle they would like to buy. Our entry level bikes feature frames made in China with assembly, wheel building and packaging done in our Detroit factory. This allows us to have more American content than 99% of bikes sold in the US, while offering prices that are more competitive than similar bikes that come 100% made in Asia.

The US Chromoly line of bikes has American made frames that we manufacture in our Detroit factory (and when we say our factory we don't just mean some factory we buy stuff from- come visit us). These bikes are made out of American chromoly, which is a high-end type of steel often used in race cars. The US Chromoly line of bikes has a unique ride quality that must be experienced to appreciate… they also come with a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Do all bikes come with or accommodate racks?

All A and B Type models come with a rack included. The USC Cortello can accommodate a disc brake compatible style rack or seat post mounted rack. The Sparrow will only accept a seat post mounted rack. Our Detroit Bikes-Branded rack works on our Cortello.. 

Do all bikes come with or accommodate fenders?

All A and B Type models can accommodate fenders. The Cortello can accommodate a disc brake compatible fender or clip-on style fenders. For the Sparrow we recommend the Planet Bike Speed EZ fenders due to lack of frame mounts for the typical fender style.

I am between sizes, which bike should I order?

The truth is, it is totally up to you. Both sizes will fit just fine. We sometimes suggest going with the larger frame because we think it is nice to have more leg extension and pedal power. If you have any balance issues or generally like being lower to the ground then we would suggest going with the smaller size. Ultimately, the bikes are adjustable and you’ll really be able to create the exact same ride feel on either size frame depending on how you adjust the seat and handlebars.

How much do the bikes weigh?

95% of our line up averages in the 30-35 lbs. area. This includes the A Type, B Type, Cortello and Axel. The outlier is the Sparrow, which comes in at just 22lbs.

How much weight can the racks hold?

The racks included on the A and B Types can hold up to 44lbs.

How much of the bikes are made in Detroit?

100% of our US Chromoly bike frames are manufactured in our Detroit factory, as are some of the other parts. However we do not manufacture all the parts that go into a bike, and, sadly, it would be impossible to source a 100% US made bike with all US made components (we tried). We use chromoly steel sourced from US manufacturers. We also paint, assemble, wheel build and package in house. Check out The Factory page to see what happens day-to-day in the factory.

How is Detroit Bikes different?

At some point bicycle companies, like many other American companies, quit making the products they sell. They instead market and sell products they buy from someone else. This trend hit the bike industry especially hard. Right now 99.5% of bikes sold in the United States are made by overseas manufacturers and simply branded by American companies. Detroit Bikes is highly unusual in that we are more than just a brand- we also have a factory making the products we sell. This allows us tighter control over our products and allows us the relatively unique opportunity to sell bicycles made with American chromoly steel.

Can I have my bike shipped directly to a local bike store for assembly?

Yes! Please be sure to include their address in the "ship to" portion of your order and don't forget to notify the bike store of your delivery. 

Does Detroit Bikes offer a warranty?

All American Made Detroit Bikes bicycles come with a lifetime frame warranty. View / download details here

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