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"Detroit Bikes is very important to me. It is a company that has invested in our community, our city, and our country and I want to support that. The C-Type is a straight urban bike. I'm an urban cyclist- a lightweight, simple, solid kind of bike is what I'm looking for. It won't be my first. This will be my third Detroit Bike. They're a proven quantity for me. I can't wait to customize my C-Type and make it my own."

-Tom Page, retired Los Angeles Police Department, Law Enforcement Consultant, Detroit MI.

"Best bike I ever owned! Love it. My A-Type is the perfect bike for Florida, sand doesn't mess with the internal gears."

-Dan Ditto, FL

"You guys are a signpost. Everything that is right and great about not only Detroit, but America. Absolute best. Keep it up."

-Tom Demerly

"Best bike I've ever owned!! Coolest one too!"

-Laura Slaughter

"I recently picked up my B-Type (#172) and as soon as I rode it, I knew it was MY bike. The perfect, quality utilitarian bike. It's exactly what I wanted, and as a transplanted native Detroiter, I'm rooting for your success. Thank you!" 

-Karen McGuiniss

"I LOVE my Detroit Bike! It is comfortable, classic and cool! From Charlevoix to Petoskey to Harbor Springs…it’s a perfect ride on the Rails to Trails route! I put a dual wicker basket on the back and ride to the Grain Train…." 

-Carol Griffin, Petoskey MI

"I recently received a new bike to ride around the neighborhood and on the neighboring city bike paths. It is produced in Detroit, Michigan in a newly start-up small USA bike factory. I did the test ride yesterday and it is the best & most comfortable bike I have ever ridden in my 70 years of cycling. The brand is DETROIT BIKES. They are a new factory with a passion for ecology, simplicity and USA designed and produced bicycles. They cut & miter tubing and other chrome molybdenum & alloy materials, weld, paint, assemble & pack the bikes using Detroit area engineers & staff. It is by far the most comfortable & sweet riding bike I have ever been on. I was pleasantly amazed & smiling while doing the short 1/3 mile ride. I met two friends at the park who also took a spin and they felt the same way as I did. This is the bike that will get me back into bike riding on a regular basis with my cycling friends. It's perfect for a 5-30 mile social ride, a commute to work, to the shopping center or the rec center. What a good find!" 

-Howie Cohen

Was doing some research for a bike-share company, the store reps were cool and knowledgeable.
Answered all questions with solid details, and offered additional suggestions to find out more about my investment preferences and client needs.
All around good experience....thanks Detroit Bikes....!!!!

-Paul MCCaw, TrustPilot Reviewer

I am very pleased with my Chromoly Type A 8 speed internal hub bike, in black. Customer service during the buying experience was superlative. My bike was very carefully boxed and shipped and easy to finish assembling at home. It looks beautiful and I have gotten a number of compliments on its appearance. I like the wood platform on the rear rack. It is not just a styling issue but provides a very stable surface for attaching a rear bag. It is a very well designed rear rack. The bike itself is surprisingly agile. I like the Brooks C17 saddle, which for me is most comfortable for riding in a more touring position. A more straight up cruiser position might benefit from a spring loaded saddle, such as the Brooks B67s on the type B version. Sheldon Brown talks about this. I really like this bike and company. I hope they can continue making bikes in the US.

-Summer, TrustPilot Reviewer

Picked up two Detroit Bikes from the factory (one A type and one B type). Great communication from the day I ordered to the day of pick up. Drove from Upstate New York to Detroit, bikes were ready when we arrived and we were greeted by kind employees who take pride in what they do. We even received an impromptu factory tour. It was truly a one of a kind experience! I have a C type that I love and look forward to commuting with the new A type.

-Andrew, TrustPilot Reviewer

I love my Detroit the disc brakes and the 8 speed.Plenty enough gears,simple is better.The bike is also light weight to pick up for moving around.Rides and looks GREAT. .......RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

-Robert, TrustPilot Reviewer

I'm so stoked about my new Sparrow by Detroit Bikes. Not a ride goes by that someone doesn't ask where I got this beautiful piece of machinery. Thank you for fantastic customer service, for being prompt with all of your communications and overall, providing a killer product. Happy rider here!

-Emily, TrustPilot Reviewer

The bike is very well made. Components are solid. The weight of the bike is awesome.The graphics on the bike look cool. I live in Rhode Island. I get a lot of compliments about the bike when friends/folks get a look at it when I am cruising along the shore. Thanks for your work on the Sparrow.

-Ed Puccio, TrustPilot Reviewer

This is one of the greatest companies out there. Their products are second to none, both in quality and price. Their customer service is above and beyond anything else I have ever dealt with. An amazing product produced not only in the U.S. but also in it's greatest city.

-Jim, TrustPilot Reviewer

Received my A Type today. Couldnt be happier. Fast, light, tough, and the large frame more than accomodates my 6'4" height. The flat black finish with little embellishment gives it a really cool old school look that was turning heads on my first ride. The 8 speed transmission is perfectly geared for any rider. A fairly steep hill was easily climbable in 4th.

-Rob, TrustPilot Reviewer

The experience was fantastic from initial order to riding. Also, transparency throughout the project was first-rate. I was truly impressed with their professionalism, care, and customer service. Everything about Detroit Bikes shows that they are a rare breed, and they are definitely worth your time and commitment.

-Tom, TrustPilot Reviewer

We own 2 Detroit Bikes. One is an awesome C-Type and the other is a 25th anniversary New Belgium Fat Tire beauty. We are big fans. Last year we visited the factory in Detroit for a tour with the real Henry Ford! The shop downtown is very cool, too. In the end, it is an honor to support a company that is giving all it can to bring bike manufacturing back to the USA and to the great city of Detroit. We only wish Detroit Bikes the best because they deserve it!

-Mark, TrustPilot Reviewer

The bikes you guys make are works of art; definitely the nicest, quietest, most well-designed cruiser I’ve ever ridden. Shipping options are fantastic. I ordered a bicycle basket for my new bike, accidentally selected the wrong shipping method at checkout, and your team not only caught my error, they ended up comping me the shipping on my basket. I’m recommending Detroit Bikes to everybody and their brother— you guys know how to run a business.

-Erin, TrustPilot Reviewer

I honestly love my Detroit Bikes Sparrow! It’s of excellent quality and looks super sharp. When searching for a super lightweight bike at this price point, i was immediately drawn in by the down-home feel of this company and they didn’t disappoint. The frame is gorgeous, the bike weighs in at 22 lbs, the thick slick tires stick to the street like they’re supposed to. I ride this commuter bike on boardwalks, sidewalks, blacktop, etc and it feels great. I put a more cushy seat on it and now i never want to get off. I just love it. Period. The customer service is great as well. They are communicative, especially through Facebook and i couldn’t be more happy.

-Janet Planet, TrustPilot Reviewer

This company is UNBELIEVABLE and AWESOME! I am so HAPPY with my bike! I would definitely recommend and purchase from them again! Answered EVERY question I had about bicycle before I purchased. Bicycle was in Great condition after shipment. Every aspect of this purchase was First Class!

-Michael, TrustPilot Reviewer

I purchased one of their Sparrow models, which were offered through Kickstarter. The process of delivering the bike took a while longer than estimated, but I was kept informed regularly via email updates explaining the progress of the phases of production, which I found fascinating. When it arrived I was delighted with the design, build quality and value of the bike, For choosing to locate their plant in Detroit, I salute the company. Also, their post-sale customer service is amazing.

-Bill, TrustPilot Reviewer

I purchased my first A type in Black from a dealer in Northville, a few months later I spoke to Katherine at the factory and had a B type built for my wife in Black (not an available color) with brown saddle and grips, we took delivery at the factory, had it fitted and test rode it around the factory floor! The company couldn’t do anything any better in my opinion. Both bikes have been fault free for the last 2 years.

-Dennis, TrustPilot Reviewer

When I was in Detroit I visited the store front to check out the bikes in person. The sales consultant, Nai, was very helpful and showed me different models. When I arrived back home to Tampa Bay, I ordered the beautiful blue robin B-style model (size medium) and was thrilled when it arrived one week later. The bike was mostly assembled but needed the handle bars, seat, and chain put on. The tools were included as well as a bike pump. The bike is really very sturdy and well-made. I love the leather-like handle bar grips and the seat is comfortable. It's the nicest, most solid bike I've ever owned in my 50+ years! Also, I love the idea it is hand assembled and constructed in Detroit. Love it!

-Chyrisse T, TrustPilot Reviewer